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Do not do these things when you hire a Limo

We hold special events like weddings, launches and high teas, and concerts and musical performances in our hearts. We are sometimes required to attend certain events. Lack of transportation is a problem when attending events. We often avoid these events because we can't arrange transportation.

Hiring a limo underlines your style statement. A limo adds an extra dimension to your travel experience. To justify your investment and ensure that you get the best out of your trip, you must be equally meticulous. You should know some things about traveling in the limo you have hired.

Don't expect the chauffeur of a limousine to carry your bags.

The chauffeur of stretch limo Brisbane is supposed to take you to your destination. You should not expect your chauffeur to take your bags or luggage. They may carry your bags occasionally as a gesture of goodwill and go beyond protocol, but they cannot be expected to do so every time you hire a limo in Brisbane. It is a nice gesture to tip them for doing so.

Ask them no personal questions.

It is a good idea to have a conversation with your chauffeur to help you get through the boring part of the trip. Also, it will create a relaxed atmosphere during the trip. But, you don't have to ask everything. Be respectful and not too personal in your conversation.

Don't ask your chauffeur to take you somewhere other than the agreed-upon route.

You must determine the limousine's route to reach your destination when you opt for Brisbane Limo transfer. Sometimes, the chauffeur may need to change the route due to traffic jams or other roadblocks. Normal circumstances don't allow you to change the route. Even if necessary, you must tip the driver handsomely at the end.

Littering is a crime.

Littering is indeed a crime. It is important not to litter when you travel in a limousine. It is your responsibility to maintain the interiors of the limo as it was when you first boarded it. It would help if you did not eat, as it could cause upholstery to become soiled. Drinking too many drinks can cause you to spill it and make the upholstery look shabby. Although the conditions for limo rental services differ, they do offer drinks as an added value.

Don't be rude to the chauffeur.

Limo hires service providers on the Gold Coast and expects their chauffeurs to be polite and professional with you. They are also known for going beyond their protocol to offer customized, added-value services. You are expected to be cordial with them. It would help if you did not behave badly with them.


For many years, limousines have had a fascinating appeal. Today, more people are starting to enjoy the luxury aspect of these luxury vehicles. It is now that you can join the party and enjoy a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. You can choose from the best Brisbane limousine services.

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